Hair Free, Care Free but is it PAIN-FREE??

Are You Staying Home? and Staying Hair Free?

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As I begin to write this, we are sitting in the 8th week of lock-down (in North America). Or at least I think it has been eight weeks - we all have lost count by now. It's been long! Most of the globe is still practicing social distancing. Personal care and routine bi-weekly/monthly appointments for manicures and hairdressers are out the window for indefinite amount of time. This makes us, the women, a little more hairy-er than usual since all of our wax and laser appointments are put on hold until further notice due to Covid-19.

Well then the question arises - how do you stay hair free during a time like this when you can’t go out for a Brazilian?   

I thought of weighing my options and come to terms with what will work best for women like me who need to wax every three weeks during a quarantine- which includes most women on this planet unless you are blessed with fantastically unreal genes.

How much people care about removing unwanted hair during a lockdown.

Reality is some men and women might not care to shave much, as we are all experiencing self isolation and there is not much physical contact to deal with. If you live alone with your dog - no where to go, and for no one to come over - there isn't much urge to maintain body hair? Armpits? Eyebrows? or is there? if my only physical interaction with human beings is at a local grocery store six feet apart with a face mask on, do I care to do my upper-lips? 

On the flip side let’s be honest, most of us are also afraid for all the salons to be booked up for weeks if not months when everything opens back up. This is still a long way from now.

Hair removal at home- ChicShines - LushSkin - IPL

Self Care Investments

So it made sense to start looking into investing in products that will last long and also be budget friendly.  This self-care/maintenance also spells out as "some kind of normalcy" in our lives as we struggle to find any these days . Your first pick - say bikini trimmer?

I quickly want to talk about the issues associated with most hair removal methods under any circumstances, quarantine or not.

Depilatory creams: - there is nothing wrong with these creams. I had tried them a few times way back when I first started to shave. They don’t sting or irritate. All you gotta do is apply on the required surface area, spend about 10 mins waddling around for the product to get working, and use a scraper spatula or washcloth to remove the hair. Skin feels soft and smooth

The downside - it is a lot of chemicals! Also, hair comes back pretty quickly. Quicker than I would want. You start seeing hair reappearing in a day or two depending on the texture of your hair. Sometimes even by the end of the day.

Shaving : While shaving is a quick fix and gets the job done fast. We all have suffered from razor burns, scarring and darkening of skin patches especially in underarms and bikini areas. Results are similar to Depilatory creams. Hair comes back by the end of the day or within 48 hours for most people.

Hair removal at home- ChicShines - LushSkin - IPL -hair removal


Waxing, waxing strips, sugar waxing: Keeps you hair free for good two to three weeks. Like most of us, I am a victim of experiencing annoyingly painful pulls from each strip. Not everyone is skilled to do it you know and it takes practice to get a hang of it. You need to wax at a certain angle, in a certain direction, at a certain lightening speed to make sure it all works and hurts less. Uneven heating of the wax can lead to skin burn and bruising. Especially in sensitive areas - underarms and bikinis. Imagine walking around with a bruise down there when attempting to wax. Yep! painful! - it really was!

Threading: had threaded my eye brows for years up until recently when I decided not to. I stopped it not because it was painful or not effective, but because I would get terrible breakouts all over my forehead every time I did it.

Laser treatments: I also had the pleasure of trying this once and then said to myself NEVER AGAIN!. No doubt the claims might be real of lasting results but so is the long painful session. No amount of cold packs made my nerves numb enough to let laser run over my inner thighs!. Imagine having bikini done. The other drawback is dedication and commitment for regular appointments for eight to twelve to eighteen months - depending on your hair. It is not a budget friendly option. Not quarantine friendly either.

But what if we could combine the goodness of both worlds in one?

LushSkin Pro- IPL at home laser hair removal

I would be in a hair-free wonderland dream to have a  solution that could give me laser hair removal like results over time but also be budget friendly and give least amount of possible pain. And just to make things extra special, since we are only wishing here, how about it be an at home treatment option? compact and portable? 

Well after doing a lot of research, I do have a winner! A product with all the above mentioned features and more. An IPL Hair Removal Device. LushSkin and LushSkin Pro series are great at home IPL Handsets that have answers to all the prayers of a hairy women sitting at home during this lockdown. 

Now I also wanted to mention some commonly asked questions when people talk about IPL. 

What is IPL ? - Intense Pulsed Light Technology uses a broad spectrum of light at multiple  wavelengths to target a wider surface area. This light energy may focus on an area with multiple hair follicles instead of one. 

IPL light source reaches hair follicle through melanin. Stimulating pulses from the device produces a damaging effect on the hair root - this leads to reduced, slower and eventually no hair growth after completing certain amounts of treatment sessions.

IPL vs LASER - IPL Laser Hair removal


What is better, IPL or laser hair removal?

IPL and Laser use different light sources to help reduce and stop hair growth. IPL uses broad light spectrum over a wider surface area, whereas laser targets intense light precisely over a follicle. 

Both require anywhere from six to twelve consecutive treatments to see lasting results - depending on hair, texture and skin colour. Laser costs are significantly higher. IPL devices are much affordable. Good thing with IPL is that you and I don't need to drive to a clinic to get it done. So no matter the weather or mood, it can all be done at home.

The results depend, however, on a lot of factors for both treatments including the person's skin colour, hair colour and also the thickness of the hair. Also keep in mind that for us women hair growth is a lot dependent on hormones. Any shift in hormones can be a game changer. So if you have plans to get pregnant keep this in mind.

Is IPL laser hair removal permanent?

LushSkin provides effective and long lasting results. However no laser treatment is permanent for hair removal. There is always some maintenance required with every kind of hair removal treatment.  

In order to have long lasting results LushSkin is recommended once a week for the first eight weeks and then once every few months for maintenance.

Is IPL laser hair removal safe?

IPL-based technology is generally considered a safe procedure as potentially harmful ultraviolet radiation is typically filtered by blocking wavelengths below 500 nm

Hair removal at home- ChicShines - LushSkin - IPL -hair removal 

Is Eye Protection needed for IPL?

No. Our LushSkin handset is designed with a sensor that only emits pulse light when the entire window of the handset is fully pressed against the skin. This safety feature, however, is not builtin in many devices on the market.

How many years will the product last?

LushSkin is built to last. It has 500,000 pulse (flashes) which will last for 10+ years if used as instructed. Different products will have a different life span depending on the amount of pulse (flashes) and usage/care.


LushSkin- IPL at home laser hair removal

Can I use IPL for pubic hair?

IPL treatments can be safely used on all body parts including bikini line areas. IPL treatment is not suitable for darker coloured areas and may cause burns in such areas (and no one wants a burn in those areas).

Does IPL have side effects?

Side effects of IPL are minor and include: slight pain/ discomfort during treatment. Mild redness or skin turning pink. Little soreness immediately after the procedure. A sensation of a mild sunburn (redness, peeling, swelling) that may last a few days after treatment. 


Excited to try LushSkin?

Well there you have it. I have come to the conclusion that if I want a budget friendly solution that will help me reduce hair growth over time - it has to be LushSkin. Average woman spends over $10,000 on her shaving/waxing needs. Thats a lot of hard earned money ladies! What are your thoughts on IPL? Or experiences? In the end it is a decision that solely comes down to your preference and circumstances. Hope you all stay safe.



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